About Jiuhua

About Jiuhua

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To serve the cause of human health,

make a contribution

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Become a leader in the specialist segments of life sciences (anti-infection, pediatrics, respiratory, etc.)

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Robust Loyalty

Innovation Mileage

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sense of worth

Mission, Belief

Integrity, unity

Struggle, Excellence

Jiuhua Huayuan Pharmaceutical will unswervingly follow the professional and academic path, adhere to the enterprise spirit of "stable loyalty, innovation mileage", carry forward the Huiyao Hui culture with a thousand-year history, and perfectly combine traditional medicine and modern pharmaceutical technology. R&D and launch of new products at the forefront of pharmacy, consciously fulfill social responsibilities, and build a harmonious enterprise, so that Jiuhua Huayuan's core competitiveness has been continuously improved, and its economic and social benefits have reached the industry-leading level.


The next five years are full of opportunities and challenges: the world economy is in the recovery period with China as the leader, and the reform of the medical system that has already begun will add new vitality to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Jiuhua Huayuan will continue to maintain a good momentum of development and strive to achieve better business performance. At the same time, it will continue to strengthen the awareness of social responsibility, put "social responsibility first" throughout all business activities, and adhere to the principle of caring for life and creating Excellent concept, strive to become a leading company in the fields of plant anti-infection, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, endocrine and other fields, lay a good foundation for Jiuhua Huayuan's sustainable, rapid, healthy and stable development, contribute to the construction of a harmonious society, and contribute to the cause of human health make a contribution.