Human Resources

Human Resources

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1. Direct investment of manufacturers' products, according to the company's sales indicators and the arrangement of superiors, develop new agents and establish an extensive sales network;

2. Responsible for customer maintenance and management in the jurisdiction, including:

A. The developed hospitals, hospital usage, clinical representative capacity, etc.;

B. Responsible for collecting the terminal flow of the agent's varieties, protecting the agent area of ​​each agent, and preventing collusion;

C. Assist and urge agents to develop undeveloped hospitals, and provide guidance to clinical representatives and secondary distributors;

3. Responsible for price filing, bidding, and online work in the area under its control;

4. Responsible for the organization and government affairs of the area under the management.


1. Men and women are not limited, graduated from medicine or marketing and other related majors, college degree or above;

2. Familiar with the local market, and have rich personal connections in the local area;

3. More than three years of experience in attracting investment in prescription drugs, familiar with price filing, bidding operation and management, and experience in handling government affairs is preferred;

4. Requires honesty and trustworthiness, strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, proactive, open-minded and optimistic, quick-thinking, and able to bear pressure.

5. Those who have no experience in the industry or do not meet the conditions should not submit

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